Online Mastering Services

Organic, analogue mastering to make your music feel alive

Mastering is about more than making music louder. It’s about teasing out the details in your mix. Gluing tracks and albums into cohesive worlds. And defining the record’s sound.

With a hand-picked selection of gorgeous analogue equipment, I craft deep textures, rich tones, and a vibrant sonic character to make your music somewhere listeners want to live.

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Online Mastering Services

The personal touch

Online mastering can feel… anonymous. I do everything I can to bring the personal touch to both your music and your experience.

If I haven’t mixed the record myself, I’ll provide detailed, practical feedback to get your mixes into the best possible shape before touching a single knob.

And once you’re happy with your masters, I make a point of telling you what I’ve done. So you know exactly how much care and attention has gone into making your music sound its best.

Real Analogue equipment

Plugins have come a long way, but they still can’t give your recordings the same richness, depth, and sense of life that high-end analogue can.

Over the years, I’ve built an analogue chain that gives me the perfect balance between transparency and character: from near-invisible elegance to gooey warmth and biting fizz.

99% of my mastering is done in analogue. Because I know my chain inside and out. It gives me tactile control. And nothing beats the electricity of sending your tracks through real circuits.

Mastering for CD, download & streaming

I provide a single, 44.1kHz/16-bit master suitable for CD, download, and streaming as standard. Additional file formats, sample rates and bit depths are available on request. 

Mastering for vinyl

Digital loudness techniques, excessive sibilance, and stereo bass can all play havoc with vinyl. I can provide high-resolution vinyl pre-masters ready to cut to wax. 

Online Mastering Rates

Mastering for digital distribution

Single (1 track): £55
EP (2-5 tracks): £50 per track
Album (6+ tracks): £45 per track
DDP file for CD pressing: £50
Additional versions & instrumentals: £10 per track

Vinyl pre-masters

£10 per track additional to standard rate

All prices include up to two revisions, and one minor mix re-submission. Major mix changes are charged as new tracks. No VAT to pay. 

Upload your tracks for mastering

When you’re ready for mastering, simply send your stereo mixdowns to [email protected] using or your favourite large file sharing service.

Please ensure files are:

  • Stereo interleaved, 24-bit WAV or AIFF 
  • At the sample rate of your mixing project 
  • With 3dB headroom, or at least no clipping 
  • With master limiters switched off
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