About me

My name is Nick Lewis. I’ve been mixing and mastering professionally for over a decade, working for everyone from indie labels and bedroom producers to global corporates and award-winning sound designers.

Mastering is sometimes called the art of ‘sound for sound’s sake’. As a true audiophile, I came to sound engineering in reverse, starting in mastering and working back to mixing. For ten years I ran Brighton Mastering, serving some of Brighton’s favourite musicians, filmmakers, and sound designers. In 2021, I moved to an old stone miner’s cottage on the outskirts of Bristol – hence Old Cottage Audio.

While I’m happy to take on any audio project, my real passion is crafting distinctive tones that listeners fall in love with. Too often, modern productions lapse into the bright and the hype; initially impressive but ultimately insubstantial, disposable, and fatiguing. I delight in working with musicians and producers to create gorgeous little universes that invite listeners to return again and again for years to come – just like the classic records we all grew up on.

Cosy folk. Polished jazz. Dusty beats. Organic electronica. Dirty rock & roll.