Online mastering prices

Mastering for digital distribution

1 track: £55 per track
2-5 tracks: £50 per track
6+ tracks: £45 per track
DDP file for CD pressing: £50
Additional versions & instrumentals: £10 per track

Vinyl pre-masters

£10 per track additional to standard rate 

All prices include up to two revisions, and one minor mix re-submission. Major mix changes are charged as new tracks. No VAT to pay. 

Online mixing prices

How much work a mix takes depends on the source material. If your recording’s ready to go, with minimal editing required, the following prices apply.

2-5 stems: £100
6-10 stems: £125
11-20 stems: £150
21-30 stems: £200

31-40 stems: £250
41-50 stems: £300
51-60 stems: £350
60+ stems: £400

Bulk Discounts for Mixing & Mastering

EP deal: 5% off mixing & mastering for booking of 4-7 tracks.
Album deal: 10% off mixing & mastering for bookings of 8+ tracks.

Please get in touch for a no obligation quote. If possible, include your rough mix(es) and how many stems are in each project. 

Online mixing prices include minor editing and restoration, and up to three revisions. Major timing, tuning, and restoration work quoted as needed. Mastering charged separately. No VAT to pay. 

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