Old Cottage Audio Terms of Use

1. Definitions

“Client” = artist/group engaging the services of Old Cottage Audio
“Company” = Old Cottage Audio
“Discount” = any promotional offer for prices less than those quoted on the website, including but not limited to discount codes and social media offers
“Services” = mixing and mastering of audio, including ancillary services such as DDP file encoding
“Works” = music and audio content the client is author of
“Masters” = full length WAV or AIFF files of Works following completed Services

2. Copyright and intellectual property

  1. The Client retains all rights to intellectual property and copyright to all Works sent to the Company to perform Services on.
  2. The Company has no claims to authorship of Works and retains no rights to it.
  3. The Company may only reproduce Works for marketing or other purposes with express permission from the Client.

3. Discounts

  1. Unless otherwise specified, Discounts are only valid for one use per Client.
  2. Subject to (3.1) all Discounts the Client has seen advertised will be honoured by the Company.
  3. The Company reserves the right to refuse Discounts subject to (3.2).
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  5. The Company may withdraw discounts at any time.

4. Payment

  1. By uploading Works, the Client agrees to pay for Services performed by the Company subject to satisfaction with the Services performed, unless otherwise agreed.
  2. The Company will provide previews of Services performed for Client review before issuing an invoice.
  3. Payment will be made by the Client bank transfer upon receipt of an invoice from the Company. Masters remain under Company ownership until payment is made.
  4. The Company reserves the right to add a suitable surcharge to Paypal and international transfers to cover the cost of administration charges.