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Nick Lewis – Mixing and mastering engineer

Nick Lewis

Mixing and mastering engineer


Every one of your records is a tiny universe.

Mixing and mastering are about creating the space your music lives in. A space your listeners want to explore. Get to know better. Fall in love with.

With my online mixing and mastering services, I craft homes for songs and albums overflowing with rich textures, glittering details, and irresistible warmth.

For luscious singer-songwriter, earthy jazz and blues, organic electronica, dusty beats and breaks, and filthy rock & roll.

Online Mastering

Mastering is the final polish for your record. I bring out the depth and detail, texture and grain, for gorgeous masters that burst with energy.

Online Mixing

Mixing creates the space your music lives in. Track by track, I build a home that recalls the classic records we all love, while making the most of modern tools and high fidelity. 

THE Studio

Precision, mastering-grade monitoring. A curated selection of beautiful analogue: clean and elegant, or dripping with tube and transformer tone as needed.

And a lovingly crafted space, designed to reflect and inspire the care and character I put into every record that passes through it.

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